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A data collection and analysis tool to improve performance on meat, milk and genetics production.


Hunger in the world

according to the World Food Program

Hunger in the countryside is still a reality

Especially in small villages of Asia and Africa. These populations are vulnerable to crises. Many of them migrate to cities in search of jobs – what has becoming each time more usual in developing countries.

There is a lack in production efficiency

They endure all this on precarious land exposed to natural disaster such as drought or flooding. Other 20% represent landless families, who yet depend on agriculture. On top of that, 10% live on communities which rely on cattle raising, fishing or foresting.


Enhancing food production

Heavy data

Reliable information improves meat production. BovControl shows your true potential and points out ways to achieve it


per day, per animal


Enhancing food production

Full bucket

BovControl helps you achieve your goals on daily milk production. A productive cow gives more milk given the proper care and enjoys more life quality.


per year animal


Enhancing food production

Champions identity

Knock out mistakes when registering bulls and cows. This helps prevent that your champions get lost on paperwork – or the lack of it.


in register lost per year

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See what you can do

BovControl Ecosystem
You collect data on the field through BovControl mobile app. Then, analyse the results on the control panel to better decision making.
BovControl Ecosystem
The farm command bridge now sits on your computer, wherever it is. Follow online everything that happens on your property.
Data Collection & Analytics
Pen and paper notes are things of the past. On BovControl, animal data are never lost, nor torn.
Data Collection & Analytics
Automated data collection

Automatize the data collection of your animals through identification devices. Ear rings, chips, smart scales and much more.

Meat exporting
made easy

Certifiers may approve your order more rapidly with precise data declared on BovControl. More business, less paperwork


The one and only animal inventory your farm needs to ensure good efficiency on all the production activities

and destiny

Demonstrate the origin of your products to offer more reliability to all destinations. From commercial partners to the end consumer, more professionalism and appreciation truly trackable.

Nutritional and sanitary control

Register nutricional, sanitary, vaccines, disease controls activities and get notifications on periodic events. Healthy livestock produces much more.


BovControl works even without a phone or internet connection. All the data will be synced the next time you get online. BovControl stores your data safely so you don’t have to worry about it


If you like, keep you records on spreadsheets too. Just export to Microsoft Excel™ everything saved on BovControl. Super spreadsheets to help out.


BovControl offers integration to other livestock management systems available on the market. Get in touch to know which options are currently available.

Active Farms

Internet of Cows


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