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We’re innovators and change makers connecting the farming world to cutting-edge technology. We care about feeding people and sucking carbon from the atmosphere.

If you consider yourself a curious and engaged problem solver then you must be ready to code for a better world!

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About us

We’re innovators and change makers connecting the farming world to cutting-edge technology. We help the livestock chain from their fingertips by digitizing and driving information worldwide.
Our platform combines data collection, domain knowledge and analytics through our proven processes. This way, we collect and analyze data creating decision-making information that seamlessly integrate into traditional farming models.

We are seeking to engage every cattle rancher on the planet and enhance efficiency and productivity, enabling traceability and better envirornmental solutions throughout the value-chain. This can be achieved without owning a single farm (rest assured, we are on the ground experimenting on farmlabs where our ideas are put into action!).

Fightning global hunger through this method greatly motivates our team. We are actively seeking capable, driven and self-motivated developers that want to improve life in the world by coding. Believe me, it’s possible!

Value Chain

Autonomy, Transparency and Productivity. We aim to intentionally create a work atmosphere where you can be yourself and bring more value to the company always developing on your best version.


Fitness - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual (though not necessarily religious). The diversity of opinions, ideas and contexts is what makes us bigger and better. You can work remotely and our office doors are always open.

Team Work

We are surrounded by ntelligent and high-performance people who know how to act autonomously. We face challenges together, encourage inquiry and support. Amazing people making amazing things happen.

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