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And this is just the start of a global mooovement!

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We’re innovators and change makers connecting the farming world to cutting-edge technology. We help the livestock chain from their fingertips by digitizing and driving information worldwide.

Our platform combines data collection, domain knowledge and analytics through our proven processes. This way, we collect and analyze data creating decision-making information that seamlessly integrate into traditional farming models.

We are seeking to engage every cattle rancher on the planet and enhance efficiency and productivity, enabling traceability and better envirornmental solutions throughout the value-chain. This can be achieved without owning a single farm (rest assured, we are on the ground experimenting on farmlabs where our ideas are put into action!).

Fightning global hunger through this method greatly motivates our team. We are actively seeking capable, driven and self-motivated developers that want to improve life in the world by coding. Believe me, it's possible!

We seek curious and engaged problem solvers, are you ready to code for a better world?

Autonomy, Transparency and Productivity

Everyone is empowered to make decisions, comunnication is transparent, and we like and what we do.


Fitness - physical, mental, emotional e spiritual (though not necessarily religious). You can work remotely and our office doors are always open.

Team Work

We are a team and we face challenges together, we encourage questioning and being supportive.

So if the shirt fits?

With offices in Silicon Valley, Central Valley (Fresno), Boston and São Paulo (capital and countryside), BovControl offers the opportunity to grow your career in an exciting direction while you help to build incredible products.

Open positions

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